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Educational Sessions

Educational Sessions

Featured Sessions

Evaluation and Management of Pediatric Vestibular Issues
Violette Lavender, AuD; John Greinwald, MD; Gretchen Mueller, DPT

Hearing Aids in Review: 2018
Robert G. Turner, PhD; Catherine V. Palmer, PhD; H Gustav Mueller, PhD

Ototoxicity Monitoring: Strategies to Optimize Patient-Centered Care and Clinical Outcomes
Dawn Konrad-Martin, PhD; Patrick Feeney, PhD; Angela Garinis, AuD, PhD

Implementing Audiology's New Paradigm: Moving from Condition to Resource
Curtis Alcock

Audiology and Medicare: Where Economic Reality Collides with Hearing Care
Ian Windmill, PhD

Bridging the Accessibility Gap Through Teleaudiology
Rachel McArdle, PhD

Collaboration, Communication, and Improv
ImprovEdge Ensemble

Ethical Practices in Audiology
Melissa Ferrello, AuD; ChristIne Lomey Ulinski, AuD

Learning Labs (additional fee)          

Cerumen Management Workshop: Navigating Your Way Out of a Sticky Situation
Samuel Bittel, AuD

Audiologists should be well versed in cerumen removal, particularly as the entry point for vestibular and hearing health care. As an autonomous health-care practitioner, managing cerumen in a competent and skilled way is a crucial skill we should all possess. This two-part didactic and hand-on session will provide attendees the foundation and knowledge they need to become experts in cerumen management. This session will cover the anatomy/physiology of the ear canal, properties of cerumen, technical aspects of removal, managing incidents, infection control, state regulations, and billing. The second portion of this session will begin with a demonstration of different removal techniques and equipment, and end with participants getting extensive hands-on experience.

Mindfulness-Based Tinnitus Stress Reduction (MBTSR): Mindfulness Made Accessible to Audiologists
Jennifer Gans, PsyD

This session explores tinnitus within the framework of brain functioning and current research into mindfulness. The talk is designed to familiarize participants with an eight-week Mindfulness Based Tinnitus Stress Reduction (MBTSR) program and an online program,, developed and researched by the presenter at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Habituation and the unblocking of the nervous system to facilitate tinnitus and hyperacusis healing is investigated within the framework of current research. The critical role stress reduction plays in effective management of sound sensitivity disorders such as tinnitus and hyperacusis is explored.

A Practical Approach to Understanding Vestibular Head Impulse Testing (vHIT)
Devin McCaslin, PhD; Kelsey Hatton, AuD

Video Head Impulse Testing (vHIT) can be used to increase our understanding of vestibular function. This session will discuss how vHIT results apply to the overall diagnosis, provide illustrative cases with vHIT results, and allow hands-on practice with the equipment while getting direct feedback from course instructors for all attendees. An intermediate level of knowledge is assumed.

Trust But Verify: Building Upon Hearing Aid Verification Basics
Lindsey Jorgensen, AuD, PhD; Lori Zitelli, AuD

Verification of hearing aids goes beyond “hitting the target” and verifying the aided output of the aid. There are many other features and accessories that are within current hearing aid technology. This learning lab will include discussion and hands-on of verifying advanced features within hearing aids as well as verifying the accessories go along with the products we purchase for our patients. 

Practice Programming and Master Manipulation of Cochlear Implants
Jessica Messersmith, PhD; Michael Scott, AuD

Participants will be exposed to a variety of CI programming approaches appropriate for pediatric and adult patients. Open-format presentations will set the groundwork with basic approaches to CI Management. There will be opportunities to discuss cases and learn about possible options from fellow colleagues. Hands-on learning stations will allow participants to manipulate equipment, programming software, and practice measuring stimulation levels, telemetry and eSRT. Participants should come prepared with questions and cases to discuss throughout the lab.